#Walktowork week, 13/05/2014

12-16 May 2014 is walk to work week! It is not an easy option for many people, but perhaps your could consider getting on the bus a stop later? Walking out at lunch to get food rather than drive to your favourite snack spot? Extend your usual route to explore the park nearby your house? There are many ‘steps’ you can take to increase your daily distance, especially good for those with a desk job.

Did you know, that according to recent research by Living Streets, 47% of office workers eat lunch at their desks 4 times a week? Everyone is entitled to a statutory lunch break – perhaps take this opportunity to go outside for a change of scenery! Amongst various competitions and encouragements this week, Living Streets have been following people on twitter taking photographs of their walk to work. Fascinating!

I just used walkit.com to track my journey to work today. I am fortunate enough to live 1.3km from work. This translates to 2980 steps at at my usual medium pace taking about 26 minutes. Just by walking, I burned 121 calories and saved 0.42kg of  co2 from an equivalent car journey. I had no idea! (Walkit will even show you the hill profile of your route: completely flat for me!)

Avon Business Centre can support alternatives to cars, with showers onsite for cyclists and brisk walkers, or those who head to the gym during the day. Sited on an arterial route in the M42 corridor, we’re not far from Shirley and Solihull train stations and adjacent to several main bus routes. Enjoy a walk today!

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